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Peak Parental Performance

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United Futbol Academy presents Peak Parental Performance, the parent education program developed to help parents understand how to best support their player through the soccer journey.

The Parent Education program consists of 6 recorded PowerPoint presentations; each presentation is a recap of the classes that were held at the Fowler Park Community Room Fall 2016. The presentations are less than 15 minutes each and cover a variety of topics that will help parents understand what UFA is focused on regarding training, style of play and the plans we have for the players and teams.

Please take the quick Survey 1 before you begin watching the presentations and then please take Survey 2 to complete when you have seen all 6 presentations. It is important that we have as many parents as possible watch the presentations and provide feedback through the surveys to help us understand how we can improve the program so parents receive the information in the most convenient way.

We welcome all your feedback and input! You can provide input through the survey or you can email Don Schultz with any questions, comment or suggestions at

Thank you!


Watch the video presentations below!

Please take our surveys.

Please take Survey 1 before watching
the presentations.

Please take Survey 2 after watching and provide your feedback.

Watch the video presentations below!

Peak Parental Performance Intro

Peak Parental Performance #1

Peak Parental Performance #2

Peak Parental Performance #3
Peak Parental Performance #4 Peak Parental Performance #5 Peak Parental Performance #6


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