Referee Program

How To Get Assigned

New & Active Referees

In order to be assigned games with UFA, you must have an account set up with Game Officials. You will need to go to the website at and register as an official with our group.  You will be asked for a Group Number and a Group Access Code which you can get from your local referee assignor. Once you have joined the group please send me a separate email letting your assignor know that you have joined the group. At that point, they will check your state certification and activate you with the UFA group.

After joining the group, you will need to set up your Profile (please be very specific with this information) and you will also need to go to Availability and complete the information on when you can work. The more information you fill out on both the Profile and the Availability, the easier it will be to assign games suited to your experience.

Once you have been assigned games, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you with the game details. You will then have to log into Game Officials and accept your game assignments. If your games are not accepted by noon on Tuesday of each week, your games will be reassigned. 

You can log into Game Officials and print your schedule at your convenience.

Please take some time to become familiar with the site. We encourage you to spend some time with it, and do not hesitate to contact your local referee assignor if you have any questions, or trouble navigating the system. As you become more familiar with the system, you will find that it also tracks all of your games and provides you with pay detail to match to your checks.

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